AVA Certification

The AVA certification program requires the applicant to submit the package, or menu, complete with all ingredients of the product(s) to be certified. Recipes and other proprietary information are not to be submitted.

The AVA CERTIFIED logo will clearly show your product is VEGETARIAN (may have eggs or dairy), or VEGAN (no animal by-products). Any alteration of the certified ingredient claim must be submitted to the AVA immediately. The AVA is trusted to maintain the absolute integrity of it's certification program, and to unfailingly assure the general public AVA Certification represents the highest ethical standards.

Certification Logos

* Plant-based; 'Optional term for 'Vegan'

To expedite certification, you can use our three step process on-line.  The first step collects product and company information.  The second step is the selection of the appropriate certification package.  The third step is payment of the certification fee.

We are committed to satisfaction in our process and in the event a product does not meet the certification criteria, the fee will be fully and promptly refunded.

If there are any questions regarding this or for immediate assistance completing the application, please call
(201) 715-2266.

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