The AVA is proud to introduce our Indian specialization and offerings.

Catering to the particulars of Hindu vegetarian and Hindu veganism, the AVA Indian team offers Certification following the particular guidelines to assure Hindu vegans and vegetarians that the products they consume align with their dietary wishes.

India Team:

Sajiv Anand

India Product Specialist and Representative.

Sajiv Trained in Agronomy (PhD.) and has been engaged with the development and implementation of codes and guidelines in the agri-food sector last several years.

He was the Director of the Biotechnology Association in India, and besides setting up an Organic certification company (Suolo e Salute Asia Pvt Ltd., trained as auditor per the USDA –NOP, GlobalGap , etc), he has also conducted trainings for auditors in the agri-food sustainability domain.

Sajiv loves to travel and learn more about various cultures, communities, lifestyles, eco-systems and nature. He is a vegetarian by choice and a strong advocate of responsible farming, production and consumption to help sustain the production systems and practices compliant with existing ecosystems.

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